Let Velociraster help manage your company's public image both online and off. Positive visibility of your business is an effort that should happen in parallel to your general promotional marketing efforts. We will help craft meaningful and effective communications that favorably portray your company to your customers and prospects. You put passion into your work; make sure everybody experiences your excitement.

Media Relations

Our media relations strategists help clients navigate a complex, media-driven world. New technologies have revolutionized how we create and consume information. Without support from trusted media relations experts, it has become increasingly challenging for many businesses to convey their message to the right people, at the right time and in the right way. We know what makes a good story and have cultivated relationships with reporters to get the job done. Our prior experience as journalists helps us understand what reporters need and how they think.

Our services include:
Media outreach
News distribution
Video news releases
Editorial calendar management
Media tours
Media training
News pitching
Scheduling and facilitating media interviews
Crisis communications
Press conferences
Virtual press rooms
Identifying target media and bloggers
Tradeshow media
Media tracking and measurement

Media relations is at the heart of our agency’s establishment. Our media relations team helps brands reach their goals by going above and beyond with award-winning campaigns.


Messaging and Positioning

Now that you have the big picture of what your company does, who your competitors are, and who you want to attract as your customers, it’s time to get focused. Think in terms of declarative, visionary statements you want to make about your business:

What is the overall message about your company, product or service that you’d like to communicate to your target audience?
What supporting messages and proof points do you need for your overall message?
What are your key messages (up to 5) for each of your target audiences?

After you complete these steps, you will have a workable message strategy that will guide your communication/marketing/technology PR efforts. It takes a lot of brainstorming, negotiation, and collaboration to get this far, and you may feel very protective of your results.

However, remember that your messaging is always a work in progress. While it shouldn’t be changed on a whim, neither should you be impervious to market feedback. If your target audiences don’t respond as expected, you need to step back, review what you have done, and decide what adjustments need to be made. Test, rinse, and repeat.


Press Releases

As with anything, you can devote varying amounts of budget for varying amounts of outcome. Do you want a quick to-the-point broad press release distributed to as many outlets as possible? Do you want very fine-tuned tailored and targeted releases with a diligent, narrow focus? Or, are you seeking an announcement important enough for fully comprehensive solutions? We will help you sort out the right balance for each announcement you need to make.


Product Launches

Launch campaigns need double or triple the usual effort. There is much to be accomplished and multiple stories to tell. Don't hesitate too long to spread vital information about your product or service, as well as the company behind the product. Let us help you start this process early so everything is properly orchestrated.


Social Listening and Analytics

Learning what is being communicated about your brand and product in public is crucial for a comprehensive PR solution. We will help get your ears into the social media chatter to really understand what people are saying and the hard data behind that. That will help us make concrete decisions on what is working and what is not.


Crisis Communication

Given enough time, unfavorable PR is a certainty. Having tactics mapped out for such occasions is critical. Some products simply are more susceptible to these types of forces just by their very nature, and other times there are genuine company mistakes that need to be rectified to the public. If you have a major problem, we will align you with one of our specialized partners, but for most day-to-day issues for the size of companies we do business with, Velociraster can provide very reasonable and effective solutions. Let us help you think through your plans and work together to establish a proactive strategy for the worse case scenarios.


Awards Submissions

There are many organizations who put meaningful resources into bringing attention to hard work and exceptional achievements. Competing for awards is a great way to draw attention to the hard work your team does, raise awareness of your brand, and increase company morale.


Reputation Management

Your brand's reputation must be nurtured across many platforms, but most reputation management takes place online. Our social media management experience will ensure that positive messaging and original content dominate your online presence. We will put social and professional networks to work for you, establishing consistent, positive, and memorable user experiences.