Velociraster offers a unique advantage when it comes to CRMs and small business. CRM specialty shops are expensive and focused around enterprise solutions. These speciality shops often hire us for targeted tasks, because we have the deeper technical ability, but as a company we are not equipped for full service enterprise, our focus is on small and medium sized businesses. Let us help you sort through the complicated world of CRM and determine what path is best for you and how to customize solutions to fit your organization. Robust, modern and highly integrated CRM solutions are not only for big companies. Velociraster will help you find an affordable solution that your team can easily use.


What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a broad term that has to do with how your organization as a whole manages and analyzes interactions you have with existing and potential customers. Using CRM technologies you can manage your sales pipeline, improve business relationships with existing customers, maintain records of customer interactions, assist in custom retention, and even deeply integrate into all of your marketing efforts. Since CRMs exist in the deepest parts of your business, that means they're extremely flexible and varied to any possible type of business no matter your size.

Choosing a CRM

If you are choosing a CRM, you either approaching CRM technologies for the first time, or re-evaluating an existing implementation. No matter your situation, Velociraster will help guide you down the right path.



Small company with strong CRM experience.


Small Company new to using a CRM.


Large company with strong CRM experience.


Large Company experiencing CRM failure points.



The industry leader in CRM. Whether you are enterprise, small or mid sized, there is a solution for you. It will cost you, but if you are very serious about your CRM efforts, and have the funds, it will be worth it. Velociraster can help get you setup, implement any necessary integrations and customizations, and act as your on-going administrator. If you are needing a large installation outside our abilities, we have several specialty partner companies we can introduce you to.


Zoho’s strength is in its combination of an extremely broad set of features combined with a very attractive price. If you have very diverse usage requirements and can’t justify the high costs of some of the big names, we can help you evaluate Zoho early in your search.


Insightly is great for small businesses and lets you easily work with both a small or expanded feature set. Although not as deep in features as other offerings, that probably won’t matter if you’re a team under 20. One of the big advantages of Insightly is the quality of integrations. Velociraster can help your organization quickly integrate Insightly into the tools you already use.

Other CRM Solutions

There are many other great CRM solutions than the few we have mentioned here, these are just some of the most common ones our clients use. We have experience with other solutions, and in general our strong CRM experience gives us a valuable intuition in evaluating new solutions. Our only goal is to help you find the right CRM solution for you.


Setup and Implementation

Setting up and implementing a new CRM can be overwhelming. Let us help! We can do it all, teach you how, or simply be on call for questions as they arise. Don't let unknowns about setup be a barrier to moving forward on your new CRM.



Don't worry about training, we have you covered! We offer training and ongoing learning support packages for your organization. We understand what it's like transitioning a team with varying skill levels into a CRM. We will prepare custom documentation specifically made for your infrastructure and team, as well as email and phone support.



According to Your Scale

The scale of your organization and scale of your required feature depth will determine many factors of your CRM selection and implementation. Your CRM solution, its setup, your training, level of customization will all be factoring into a strategy specific to the scale of your company and budget.



Velociraster can help with any type of integration you are needing. We can assist with deep integrations between the CRM and your internal applications, your website and marketing systems, or from external 3rd party applications. Integrations can create a more unified system allowing you to work more fluidly and quickly.


All into a common system

This is all about your organization, and how a specific tool is being added (or upgraded) to your workflow. The big picture of how you use the tool to produce real business results is dependent on the ability to make the CRM part of the company. This cohesive system is the goal from the beginning. Which CRM resonates with your organization? How best do we train your team? What customizations and integrations create value and boosted productivity? If we approach a CRM with a strategy, the results will be positive with very real value added.