Gathering an overview of your business, website, social presence, and your competition will give us the necessary documentation to lead us into the stages of your new social marketing campaign.

Project Brief

Create documentation outlining the business goals and stages of your social media campaign.

Audience Research

Social ad tools will help us determine audience sizes based on demographics and keywords.

Social Audit

Evaluate your current social performance based on analytics data.

Competitive Analysis

Determine your social competitors, where they operate, and the strategies they use.



We will create a comprehensive social media marketing strategy that outlines measurable business goals and deliverables for social content.


Profile Strategy

Create an actionable plan that develops and optimizes your profiles across the most relevant networks.

Engagement Strategy

Establish best practices for how to engage with your audience in and out of the social community. Plan for reaching out to influencers to leverage their networks for deeper content distribution.

Measurement Planning

Define short- and long-term measurable goals that will be used to evaluate campaign performance.

Content Strategy

A calendar of defined content posting tasks for each social media network will be a key element of your content strategy.

Advertising Strategy

If you are also doing paid advertising, this is the time to factor that into your social strategy. It will be advantageous to define whether those efforts are for community growth, engagement, lead gen, conversions or something else.


Campaign Execution

Based on recommendations from our strategy, we can begin to implement campaign specifics related to content and social profiles.

Content Implementation

Stay aligned with the content strategy, social media best practices, and proper content delivery to each relevant social network.

Content Strategy

Your brand identity is bigger than any individual marketing effort produced by your company. It is the foundation of your business.

Advertising Implementation

Closely follow the outlined advertising strategy with ability to adjust along the way to maintain budget alignment.


Analysis and Reports

We will provide regular reports that include analysis of campaign performance, goal tracking, KPIs and suggestions for what adjustments to make based on the analysis of your campaign results.

Monthly performance report

A monthly document outlining current social media goals, metrics, campaign achievements and the plan for the next month.

Quarterly review

Big picture quarterly analysis of your social media efforts will help get a comprehensive view of the campaign. This is also the best time to make adjustments on a bigger scale rather than the minor per-campaign tweaks.